Leather trend: instructions for use

How to wear leather leggings and those who are comfortable
July 15, 2017
History of Fashion: The leather jacket
December 15, 2017
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Leather trend: instructions for use

Black leather back in fashion, the black leather that will immediately transform us into super sexy women

If a trend setter like Jennifer Lopez goes happily walking hand in hand with her toy boy wrapped in a wrapping sheath dress, it must be because the latter is back in vogue. In fact, on the runways of the fashion shows for the 2012-2013 season, the black leather garments have raged, confirming that this year’s fashion woman has a strong gothic spirit.

Be that as it may, leather garments need to know how to wear them or risk turning out to be vulgar. First you have to look in the mirror and be honest: leather clothes, even if black, do not agree with the rolls! If you have put on a few pounds it will be better to opt for a broken look, that is a skirt or trousers in black leather combined with a fresh white shirt.

Leather pants in particular seem to be a trend in the trend: the VIPs love them very much and show off often, especially if they are super adherent model leggins. As for the skirt instead, the ideal cut is the classic sheath dress, or straight but with a split; to complete the look add in the case of the ankle boots trousers, while in the case of the skirt you can also wear a décolleté shoe.

A tip for the more daring (and with long legs!): Dare with a pair of boots even higher than the classic cuissards like those we saw on the Gucci or Versace winter catwalks. Even with coats and jackets you have to go easy and be realistic: a long leather trench coat is good for a very tall woman, while for the more coats a short screwed jacket is recommended.

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