Fashion: Wear leather clothes even in the office!

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February 22, 2017
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Fashion: Wear leather clothes even in the office!

In many offices being “cool” is not always frowned upon and the dress code is generally very rigid, but …

Winter fashion never disappoints fashion victims who, of course, are the victims of trousers, skirts, boots and leather garments.

But, in addition to worldly occasions, alas, wearing leather garments even in the office is not easy. In fact, in many places of work being “cool” is not always frowned upon and the dress code is generally very rigid, leaving very little room for imagination and the display of the most beautiful winter pieces.

Here are some ideas to “properly” fit your leather garments into office looks.

The leggings in black leather: a mix between the comfort of leggings and the sensuality of a leather trousers. Wearing them at work is possible, as long as your office allows not properly formal looks. Combine them with a maxi-pull (leggings, remember, they are not pants) and a gritty bootie.

The leather maxi-skirt: beautiful, perfect with a total black look, sensual but not aggressive. You can play it down with contrasting shoes and some whimsical accessories.

Leather pants: of course, so to speak they look like a piece of clothing too aggressive to enter an office; but everything always depends on how they are matched. Have you ever tried with pastel colors? A navy blue cardigan and matching shoes dampen aggression and make the trousers look like a gritty touch to a bon-ton look.

The caravan pants: now grinded and retreat of the fashion, they are beautiful and very elegant in the leather version, to wear with a maxi shirt or a turtleneck pull. Heels are not required!

The skinny leather pants: yes, they are not leggings and are a little more aggressive than a classic-cut trousers. You can dampen the sensual charge with a men’s blazer and lacing shoes.

The pencil skirt: classicone timeless leather, immediately awakens the idea of ​​the classic “secretary a bit sexy”. It’s up to you to bring it with a touch of sensuality while maintaining professionalism. Do not overdo the shoes or the necklines of shirts and sweaters.

Over-the-knee boots: they are the sexiest winter shoe, back in the limelight for the second season. Difficult to bring to the office? Nothing is impossible! Match them with a bon-ton dress that covers “the whole cover” and nobody will be able to say anything. A small tip: better to wear socks 🙂

Total look leather: yes, but not total black, if you do not want to look like assassins hired by someone to seduce and kill! Opt for burgundy or bottle green leather, or for colorful details.

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